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Latest Update

Vetting Projects Background Information for the CHIETA DG 2019-2020 C1

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The CHIETA Research Policy Framework is designed to guide the organisation in relation to research that is linked to the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority’s (CHIETA) mandate and support of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) III goals.
Research is important to understand the sector, in order to provide a better response in terms of relevant interventions and to support continuous improvement.

CHIETA 2019/2020 Cycle 1 Discretionary Grants

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The CHIETA Discretionary Grant is available for employers/enterprises within the chemical sector and is aimed at addressing the scarce and critical skills needs identified through the CHIETA Sector Skills Plan. The CHIETA hereby invites applications from qualifying chemical sector employers and enterprises to apply
for the 2019/20 Cycle 1 Discretionary Grants funding Windows to support its Annual Performance Plan.