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Quality Assurance

Certification of Learners and Management of Database

In an effort to certificate learners within acceptable timeframes, an accredited/approved provider is to submit to the CHIETA QAP (Quality Assurance Partner) completed and signed competency status forms together with a QALA (Quality Assurance of Learner Achievement) report. This submission is to be made within seven days after the QALA was conducted.

Competency status forms status as well as the QALA application forms are available on the CHIETA website or can be requested from QAP relevant personnel.


1. The Data Management Unit (DMU) receives the Competency Status Report and the Data Capturers will conduct the following:

1.1 Verification of a valid QALA report is conducted upon the receipt of Competency Status Form.

1.2. Verify the validity and correctness of the content of the Competency Status Report submitted.

1.3. The Competency Status Report will then be captured on the CHIETA MIS.

1.4. DMU will forward the Learner(s) file(s) together with the Competency Status Report(s) to the Certification Practitioner.

2. The Certification Practitioner captures on the MIS the Learner(s) details to download and print the certificate(s).

3. Quality Assurance will be conducted on the printed certificate(s) i.e. verifying learner(s) information contained on the certificate(s) and attached certified copy of Identity document for correctness.

4. The Assistant Certification Administrator collects the printed certificate, for the first level verification, and forwards these to the Certification Specialist for second level verification.

5. The Certification Specialist, after verifying, forwards the learner(s) file(s) and the certificate(s) to ETQA Manager for final approval.

6. The certificate(s) is/are returned back to the Certification Practitioner to affix holograms and preparation of acknowledgement letter(s).

7. Certificates are submitted for signing by the ETQA Manager and the CEO.

8. The Administrator makes copies of the signed certificates and hands the copies over to the DMU Supervisor for filing.

9. The signed certificate(s) get(s) collected by the training provider(s) or couriered to the provider and a proof of delivery is retained.